The Trade Federation II Frigate serves as a frontline combat frigate for the CIS. Unlike most other ships, the 
TradeFed II FRG

2012-12-19 00038

Cost: 400Credits icon 106Metal icon 30 Crystal icon
Build Time: 5 seconds.
Uses: 1 supply.
Hull: 400
Armor: 1
Shields: 1300
Antimatter: 100
Heavy Missile Front Damage: 34
Heavy Missile Side Damage: Unspecified
Heavy Missile Rear Damage: Unspecified
Heavy Missile Cooldown: Unspecified
Laser Front Damage: 6
Laser Side Damage: Unspecified
Laser Rear Damage: Unspecified
Laser Cooldown: Unspecified
Laser Front Damage: 2
Laser Side Damage: Unspecified
Laser Rear Damage: Unspecified
Laser Cooldown: Unspecified
This frigate can combat enemy vessels.
These converted frigates were ideal to modify into having missile launchers.

 frigate's primary weapon is not Turbolasers or Laser Cannons, but Heavy Missiles. By extension, this also makes the TradeFed II the most inexpensive mobile missile launcher in the game. Uniquely, this ship also does not fire it's missiles from the front, but rather from it's left and right cargo holds, requiring it to turn around in order to fire. Additionally, these missiles have a range of 8000, which is less than that of standard Turbolasers, which have a range of 10000.


The Trade Federation II Frigate has no abilities.


As with most combat frigates, the Trade Federation II Frigate is best served to be used in large numbers as an expendable frontline unit. The ship's missiles allow it to deal a large amount of damage against enemy structures, assuming their guns don't outrange the frigate and destroy the craft before it moves into firing range.

One of the best uses of this craft is when an enemy force has "sandwitched" a number of these frigates, as due to the TradeFed II being able to fire missiles from both their cargo banks, they can fire upon both of the enemy fleets.

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