MC80 'Liberty' S-CRS

[[Image: {{}}|256px]]

Cost: Credits icon10010 Metal icon962 Crystal icon1205
Build Time: 70 seconds.
Uses: 42 supply.
Hull: 4150
Armor: 4
Shields: 13000
Antimatter: 500
Turbolaser Front Damage: 99
Turbolaser Side Damage: Unspecified
Turbolaser Rear Damage: Unspecified
Turbolaser Cooldown: Unspecified
Ion Cannon Front Damage: 28
Ion Cannon Side Damage: Unspecified
Ion Cannon Rear Damage: Unspecified
Ion Cannon Cooldown: Unspecified
Medium Turbolaser Front Damage: 38
Medium Turbolaser Side Damage: Unspecified
Medium Turbolaser Rear Damage: Unspecified
Medium Turbolaser Cooldown: Unspecified
Tractor Beam Front Damage: 0
Tractor Beam Side Damage: Unspecified
Tractor Beam Rear Damage: Unspecified
Tractor Beam Cooldown: Unspecified
Planet Bombing Damage: 25
Backup Shields
Performance Boost
Ion Cannon Salvo
Heavy Tractor Beams
This varient of the MC line has more weaponory than the average and os effective against many vessels in its class.

  Uses 1 command point.


Info to come.


Tactics to come.


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