Jedi Venator-class SD

Cost: Credits icon4890 Metal icon502 Crystal icon627
Build Time: 123 seconds.
Uses: 40 supply.
Hull: 4150
Armor: 5
Shields: 8000
Antimatter: 500
Squadrons: 9
Laser Front Damage: 122
Laser Side Damage: 172
Laser Rear Damage: 0
Laser Range: Unspecified
Laser Cooldown: Unspecified
AA Laser Front Damage: 4
AA Laser Side Damage: 4
AA Laser Rear Damage: 0
AA Laser Range: Unspecified
AA Laser Cooldown: Unspecified
Planet Bombing Damage: 37
Use the Force
Battle Meditation
Jedi Squadron
Commanded by Jedi, these vessels can coordinate entire fleets.

  Uses 1 command.


Use the Force (Removed/renamed, get replacement ability info)


Targeted ability that will disable enemy ships for a time.

Battle Meditation

Targeted ability that will boost hull/shield regen rates and decrease weapon cool-downs on allied ships, while increasing enemy weapon cooldowns.

Jedi Squadron

Activated ability that will scramble a number of advanced Jedi Interceptors for a time.


Tactics to come.