Imperial I-Class SD

Cost: Credits icon9813 Metal icon1007 Crystal icon1260
Build Time: 166 seconds.
Uses: 38 supply.
Hull: 4650
Armor: 5.5
Shields: 12000
Antimatter: 250
Squadrons: 6
Turbolaser Front Damage: 231
Turbolaser Side Damage: 231
Turbolaser Rear Damage: 0
Turbolaser Range: Unspecified
Turbolaser Cooldown: 7.5
Ion Cannon Front Damage: 71
Ion Cannon Side Damage: 71
Ion Cannon Rear Damage: 0
Ion Cannon Range: Unspecified
Ion Cannon Cooldown: 7.5
Medium Turbolaser Front Damage: 69
Medium Turbolaser Side Damage: 69
Medium Turbolaser Rear Damage: 69
Medium Turbolaser Range: Unspecified
Medium Turbolaser Cooldown: 5.6
Planet Bombing Damage: 25



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