Gladiator-class SD

Cost: Credits icon830 Metal icon107 Crystal icon85
Build Time: 42 seconds.
Uses: 5 supply.
Hull: 3700
Armor: 3
Shields: 8200
Antimatter: 175
Squadrons: 2
Turbolaser Front Damage: 27
Turbolaser Side Damage: 27
Turbolaser Rear Damage: 27
Turbolaser Cooldown: n/a
Short-Ranged Laser Front Damage: 2
Short-Ranged Laser Side Damage: 2
Short-Ranged Laser Rear Damage: 2
Short-Ranged Laser Cooldown: n/a
Missile Front Damage: 9
Missile Side Damage: 9
Missile Rear Damage: 9
Missile Cooldown: n/a
The Gladiator-class Star Destroyer is a more durable alternatives to the Sentinel-class that is able to deal with one to three local militia ships, depending on thier class. It also can capture neutral resource extrectors.



Info to come.


Tactics to come.

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