Cost: Credits icon4890 Metal icon502 Crystal icon627
Build Time: 145 seconds.
Uses: 40 supply.
Hull: 4650
Armor: 5
Shields: 12000
Antimatter: 500
Max Speed: 1000
Squadrons: 4
Armor Class: Very Heavy
Turbolaser Front Damage: 254
Turbolaser Side Damage: 254
Turbolaser Rear Damage: 32
Turbolaser Range: 7500
Turbolaser Cooldown: 7.5
M. Turbolaser Front Damage: 72
M. Turbolaser Side Damage: 72
M. Turbolaser Rear Damage: 10
M. Turbolaser Range: 4500
M. Turbolaser Cooldown: 5.6
Ion Cannon Front Damage: 71
Ion Cannon Side Damage: 71
Ion Cannon Rear Damage: 0
Ion Cannon Range: 7500
Ion Cannon Cooldown: 7.5
S.R. Laser Front Damage: 2.7
S.R. Laser Side Damage: 2.7
S.R. Laser Rear Damage: 2.7
S.R. Laser Range: 2250
S.R. Laser Cooldown: 1.3
Planet Bombing Damage: 56
Right Other than the MC80B and MC80 'Home One', there are is no vessel in the Alliance fleet that can best the Dauntless-class heavy cruiser in firepower and dishing out damage.


The Dauntless-class heavy cruiser is one of the three capital ships available to the Rebel Alliance Fleet in Sins of a Galactic Empire.

This ship has abilities that can be leveled up.


Summary Edit

Compared to the other capital ships in the Rebel Fleet, the Dauntless-class has the strongest armor and firepower, but weaker shields.

It cruising, acceleration, and turning speeds are comparable to the other Rebel Alliance capital ships.

Weapons Edit

The Dauntless-class has two targets per bank on the front, right, and left.

  • Turbolasers: An energy-type primary weapon that is most effective on medium-sized craft and above.
  • Medium Turbolasers: An energy-type secondary weapon that is most effective on medium-sized craft and below. It can fire at strike craft.
  • Ion Cannons: An energy-type secondary weapon that only damages shields. It is effective against all types of ships, but it cannot fire at strike craft.
  • Short-Ranged Lasers: An energy-type weapon is mainly only effective against light ships and strike craft.

Detailed Specifications Edit

Base Value Increase per Level
Hull 4650 250
Shields 12000 500
Antimatter 500 50
Armor 5 0.25
Base Value Increase per Level
Hull Regeneration 4.5 0.25
Shield Regeneration 22.5 0.25
Antimatter Regeneration 1.0 0.5
Culture Protection Rate 0.0 0.05
Max Speed Max Acceleration Max Deacceleration
Linear 1000 45 1500
Angular n/a 4 10
Roll 35 degrees 2 2


The Dauntless-class has four abilities.

Performance Boost Edit

Upgrades to this ship's targeting computers and engines allow for superior performance on the battlefield. This is a passive ability can be unlocked when the ship reaches level 6, and upgraded at levels 7 and 8.

Each level of the ability increases:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Weapon Accuracy +10% +20% +30%
Angular Thrust +10% +12.5% +15%
Linear Thrust +10% +12.5% +15%

Heavy Ion Cannon Salvo Edit

Multiple ion cannons can be utilized to reduce the effectiveness of many vessels at once. Each time the ability is used, two volleys each targeting up to four targets are fired in quick succession, debuffing enemy ships/structures. The effects can be stacked up to three times. Each shot has the following effects on enemy units:

Effect Description
Weapon Cooldown +60% (slower)
Max Linear Speed -80% (slower)
Linear Thrust -80% (slower)
Hyperspace Engines Disabled
Hull/Shield Regeneration Disabled

Heavy Ion Cannons must be researched as a prerequisite to using this ability.

The ability can be unlocked after the ship is manufactured, and upgraded at levels 2 and 4.

Each level of the ability increases:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Ability Range 5250 6750 8250
Ability Duration 15 20 25
Ability Cooldown 60 54 48
Antimatter Cost 300 300 300

Volley Fire Edit

Volley fire allows a vessel to rapidly hit many targets in range. Energy is directed from from the shield systems to reduce the cooldown on energy weapons, increasing the rate of fire at the expense of slightly weaker shields.

The ability can be unlocked after the ship is manufactured, and upgraded at levels 1 and 2.

Each level of the ability increases:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Energy Weapon Cooldown -30% (faster) -45% (faster) -60% (faster)
Shield Regeneration -2% (slower) -2% (slower) -2% (slower)
Shield Mitigation -10% (weaker) -10% (weaker) -10% (weaker)
Ability Duration 20 25 30
Ability Cooldown 30 30 30
Antimatter Cost 60 60 60

Overlapping Shields Edit

With the many overlapping and redundant shield generators of the Mon Calamari, having multiple ray shields protecting a given area results in additional protection from missiles bypassing this vessel's shields. This is a non-upgradable passive ability is unlocked by default when the ship is manufactured, and reduces the probability that missiles will penetrate the Dauntless-class ship's shields by 20%.

Manufacture Strike Craft Edit

While not explicitly listed as an ability, manufacturing strike craft (fighters and bombers) costs antimatter and time.

X-Wing Y-Wing A-Wing B-Wing
Antimatter Cost 15 15 15 15


Work in progress.

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