Arquitens class CRS

Cost: Credits icon178 Metal icon23 Crystal icon19
Build Time: 6 seconds.
Uses: 1 supply.
Hull: 370
Armor: 1
Shields: 1250
Antimatter: 175
Average Turbolaser Front Damage: 12
Average Turbolaser Side Damage: Unspecified
Average Turbolaser Rear Damage: Unspecified
Average Turbolaser Range: Unspecified
Average Turbolaser Cooldown: Unspecified
Average Missile Front Damage: 4
Average Missile Side Damage: Unspecified
Average Missile Rear Damage: Unspecified
Average Missile Range: Unspecified
Average Missile Cooldown: Unspecified
This cruiser can combat enemy vessels.
This frigate is used to supplement fleets and provide them with additional, expendable, firepower.



Info to come.


Tactics to come.